Safe and Reliable student transportation.

Zidallie empowers students by ensuring safe and reliable student transportation is accessible for all, unlocking education and limitless opportunities

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Why Us

Our sole mission is to empower young minds. We are doing this through student transportation because we’ve experienced firsthand how the lack of safe, reliable, and exclusive transportation poses a barrier to their education and access to opportunities.

Safety Priority

Zidallie places safety as the utmost priority, ensuring students’ secure transportation to and from school or events

Technology Integration

 Zidallie leverages technology for efficient route planning, real-time tracking, and transparent communication between parents, schools, and drivers.



Zidallie guarantees reliable transport services, providing peace of mind to parents, schools, and students alike.



Zidallie strives to make transportation accessible for all, ensuring that every student has equal access to educational opportunities.

Trained Personnel

Zidallie employs trained and responsible staff, ensuring a professional and caring environment during transit.


Customised Solutions

 Zidallie offers tailored transportation solutions that cater to the unique needs of schools and students.

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